Social Media Paid Advertising

With most of your target audience on social media, it only makes sense that you should be there too.

Paid advertising is an affordable and measurable way to reach potential customers when, where, and how they’ll respond to your product/service offering best.



We Do Paid Advertising Differently!

Instead of useless vanity metrics like likes or shares, we focus on what really matters: results. We take a strategic approach to continually optimize ads and measure their performance. Plus, our advanced, multi-tiered approach helps us to retarget your audience and ensure you never miss out on a lead.



How We Create Effective Ads

We rely on data to create highly effective ad campaigns that resonate with the right audience. We also use A/B testing to determine and increase high-performing ad elements. If you have ads running already, we can help you analyze and optimize those, or we work with you to create new ads.

  • Based on buyer psychology: We identify clearly who it is that you want to target, what their pain points are, what language they respond to, when they are most active, and then we map out where and how to find them on the relevant social channel.
  • Sophisticated campaigns: To ensure that nobody ever slips through the retargeting cracks, we run multi-tiered ads that speak to every stage that your customer might be in and retarget those who already know your brand with new ads. This results in a return on ad spend (ROAS) increase of 5 – 20 times.
  • Strategic cost reduction: Your ads shouldn’t stay the same. This means a difference in both results and cost. We rely on the data to tell us what works and what doesn’t so that we can do more of what does to increase revenue and decrease cost per acquisition (CPA.)
  • Optimized ads, all the time: Ever run across an ad you’ve seen countless times before but never clicked on? This is why we test every element of an ad set from headline to creative to pinpoint the most effective ways to reach the right audience.
  • From post to performance: From image design and social media copywriting to measuring performance, our team takes care of all your ads behind the scenes so you can focus on your business.

Once we’ve laid the groundwork we have a simple motto that we follow: test, optimize, repeat. Once we’ve found winning ad sets and ad creative, our job is hardly over. Because we are profit-focused, our goal is always going to be on reducing cost per acquisition and increasing return on ad spend.

We’re in the Facebook trenches day in and day out. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to course-correct quickly based on data, not whims. We’re communicative, direct and we take growing your business with you very seriously.


Watch the videos below to learn about our ad account setup process and what goes into monthly ad account management services.

Ad Account Setup

Ad Account Management




Social Media Paid Advertising Services and Pricing

There are two ways in which we work with clients for paid social advertising. The first is full-service where we manage and optimize the campaigns. The second option is where we provide you with consulting and you implement our recommendations. 


We feature transparent and flexible pricing starting at the following rates.

Ad Account Setup

2 week turnaround
$ 2500
One-Time Fee
  • Strategy development for all stages of the funnel
  • Pixel installation and tracking setup
  • Schema/metadata setup
  • Audience and competitor research
  • Custom audience setup
  • Custom conversion setup
  • Ad copy & creative *
  • Retargeting stacks for all stages of the ad funnel (if applicable)

Ad Account Management

Monthly Retainer
$ 2500
Monthly Ongoing Fee
  • Daily account management
  • Ad copy & creative *
  • Full testing strategy - to determine winning combination of audience/ad creative/ad copy
  • Strategy review and alterations as necessary
  • Optimization of campaigns & recommendations for when strategy pivoting might be necessary
  • Scaling of winning combinations
  • Weekly report summary, end of month report, and bi-weekly calls

Ad Account Consulting

Monthly Retainer
$ 800
monthly Ongoing Fee
  • Review and recommendations for current strategy
  • Ad account structure recommendations
  • Review and analysis of ad copy/creatives
  • Audience and competitor research to better serve your ads to the right audience
  • Review and analysis of your custom and saved audiences
  • Loom video per week addressing campaign performance and recommendations
  • 30-minute call per week

* Includes ad copy and creative for the top of the funnel, middle of the funnel (if applicable), and the bottom of the funnel (if applicable), for a variety of ad types (images, video, carousel, and instant experience ads, as appropriate to the strategy). Photography and videography NOT included. We will edit your source images/videos or stock photos/videos to make compelling creatives for social ads.


We recommend a minimum ad spend of $3,000/month for established businesses and $5,000/month for start-ups to allow for adequate data flow and optimization of campaigns based on data.

Let's Scale Your Business to New Heights!

Schedule a complimentary 45-minute strategy call with our team. We’ll take the time to learn about your business, your goals, and where you might have gaps in your marketing efforts. If we feel that we can’t get you solid results for your business we’ll be 100% upfront with that and point you in the right direction—even if that’s not us!