eCommerce Case Study – Health Supplement

The Situation

A health supplement business had spent about $100k on ads within less than a year with a cumulative ROAS of only 1.15 (basically operating at a loss after COGS/marketing). They wanted to increase their online sales—profitably. They had previously DIYed their ads management and were looking to turn a profit with ads and then scale up their business.

The Job

We were brought on to strategize, set up, manage, and optimize their Facebook and Instagram advertising. We quickly identified issues with their ad account. Lack of social proofing their ads and not doing enough split testing of audiences, ad types, creative, or copywriting. They weren’t using enough varying ad creative and they weren’t doing proper retargeting campaigns.


The Outcome

We created sophisticated and layered ad campaigns to lower their cost per acquisition and increase their ROAS. Through our efforts with Facebook advertising alone we were able to increase online sales volume, reduce their cost per acquisition and increase ROAS. Within the first month, we turned their ad account and made it profitable at over 2X ROAS even with all the testing we did. We scaled them up so much that after 5 months of working with us they quit their day job (this was a side hustle for them).


They sold their product on Amazon and as a natural result of the Facebook and Instagram ads we ran for them, their Amazon sales shot up as well without added ad spend on that platform.

health supplement case study
health supplement testimonial

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