eCommerce Case Study – REI Direct Mail

REI Direct Mail

The Situation

A direct mail eCommerce business wanted to increase its online sales. Their business had grown well over the past two years without a strategic marketing plan in place. They were running Facebook and Instagram ads however, they weren’t properly tracking leads, sales, and ROAS. They had no idea what was working and what wasn’t within their ad account.

We were initially hired to do an audit of their business. We analyzed their website (site speed, mobile optimization, website conversion rate, sales history and data, website copy, and user experience) social presence, Google analytics data, email marketing campaigns, and their ad account history.

We identified several missing pieces to their marketing mix along with critical website issues with data tracking and reporting. Post business audit we were hired to strategize on, restructure, manage, and optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns and email marketing campaigns.

The Outcome

We created sophisticated email automations for nurturing leads, cross-promoting those who purchased, promoting their continuity programs, reclaiming abandoned carts, bring back old customers to buy again, and providing new customers with follow-ups regarding when to expect their order and how the process works.


We also fixed the tracking issue with their Facebook pixel so that going forward we could effectively track leads, add to carts, initiate checkouts, purchases, and ROAS. Through our efforts with Facebook advertising, we were able to increase their store revenue from $2.5 million in 2018 (prior to working with us) to $3.3 million in 2019. We average around a 50-60X ROAS for them month-to-month.

REI Direct Mail

Client Testimonial

“I can’t even believe how hard a hit we took when Facebook was down for us…  It was very insightful as to how much traffic is being driven by FB for our sales. We now have that clear understanding.”

– McKinley C., Marketing Manager

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