eCommerce Case Study – Children’s Dolls

Children’s Dolls

The Situation

A doll manufacture/retailer wanted to increase their online sales. Their business had done quite well in previous years due to lots of press coverage around their (at the time unique product). However, recently their business was in a slump. They couldn’t scale past a 2X ROAS.

We were brought on to strategize, restructure, manage, and optimize their Facebook advertising.

We quickly identified issues with their ad account. Lack of social proofing their ads and not doing enough split testing of audiences, ad types, creative, or copywriting. They weren’t using enough varying ad creative (users were seeing the same video again and again, no matter what stage the user was at in the buying cycle. They weren’t separating out cold traffic audiences from warm audiences, and they weren’t doing retargeting campaigns.

We recommended creating a sales funnel rather than driving traffic straight to their website in order to increase their AOV.

Their average order value prior to working with us was around $48 and their average CPA was around $17.

The Outcome

Through our efforts with Facebook advertising alone we were able to increase online sales volume, reduce their cost per acquisition and increase ROAS. Within the first month, we generated a 2.4X ROAS. By the end of the second month of working together, we generated a 2.87X ROAS and reduced the average CPA from $17 down to $8.04. By the end of the third month, We generated a 4X ROAS and increased the average order value from $48 to $56.

Client Testimonial

“I fired our Facebook Ads guy and hired Jennifer. She created very sophisticated, layered Facebook campaigns which we’ve never had before. The first month we’ve done a lot of testing, so the ROAS was a respectable 2.4 ROAS. Our goal is to get to an ROAS of 4 or 5, which I believe is very possible after more fine tuning with Jennifer. Unlike other people I’ve worked with, she gives it her all and REALLY cares about her work. Other freelancers just seem to live by the ‘4 Hour Work Week’ and don’t take pride in what they do. Jennifer has the pride and the experience to get the job done.”

– Nick L., Owner

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