“Jennifer is highly skilled in what she does. She was able to review my Facebook ads campaigns and find what worked and what needed to be worked on. We had a great call to go over her findings and she delivered a great explanation of my brand’s potential outlook. She was not pushy at all when it came to her recommendation but she also was very strong in her option and recommendations for a successful campaign. I look forward to working with her in the future to implement her recommendations.”

Annie L.Mademoiselle Lash

“Jennifer reached out to our ad and we hired her company to do an audit of our website analytics and social media. She was professional and friendly and is clearly extremely knowledgeable about website marketing. The audit was received ahead of schedule and allowed us to see a rundown of everything we should do to boost our website traffic and pinpointed some SEO errors that we were able to fix quickly. We have already been able to do a bunch of it in just a few days with good results (which we would not have done without her audit).”

Aden M.Legends Creek LLC

“I fired our Facebook Ads guy and hired Jennifer. She created very sophisticated, layered Facebook campaigns which we’ve never had before. The first month we’ve done a lot of testing, so the ROAS was a respectable 2.4 ROAS. Our goal is to get to an ROAS of 4 or 5, which I believe is very possible after more fine tuning with Jennifer.

Unlike other people I’ve worked with, she gives it her all and REALLY cares about her work. Other freelancers just seem to live by the “4 Hour Work Week” and don’t take pride in what they do. Jennifer has the pride and the experience to get the job done.”

Nick L.Lammily